Data Governance and Data Protection
  • For decision support truthful and total information should be available in time. However is data is growing in various forms ( emails, spread sheets, documents, images, drawings, scanned documents etc.,) at different geo-graphical locations.
  • Searching and locating, retrieving information and ensuring its relevancy and currency is a challenging task. Most of the times 60% to 80% of efforts are wasted in collecting and consolidating the information which is already available in the organization due to lack of Data Governance system.
  • Secure transportation, transformation to desired form, validation, quality assurance, consolidation and safe storage is next big challenge.In some organizations due to heavy and regular transactions, the data grows exponentially, and the organizations do not use the data other than for transactions management.
  • Preservation and protection of information from potential abuses and safeguarding it against ransomware and other cyber attacks is another big task. Classification, compression and management of big data and analysis of data for deep learning and decision support are essential to maximize the benefits of the automation.
  • To meet these growing challenges, the NIC, Centre for Data Governance provides following data governance services to the Government organisations
  • Data Profiling, Confidentiality, Security, Privacy, Referential Integrity, Storage, Management of Big Data Data Archival , Document Storage and Retrieval, Analysis of data, Data Governance Audit & Training Data Governance Standards for stewardship and storage, Data Encryption and Protection, Data Quality Management, Referential Integrity, Data Transformation, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Meta Data Management, Big Data Analytics and Intelligence.